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Join hundreds of Boss Babes

Whether you are wanting to get into the industry or looking to add Loulabelles non-surgical body contouring procedures to your existing treatments, we will support your business every step of the way!

Join hundreds of Boss Babes, who have started their own body contouring businesses with Loulabelles. Our Loulabelles 5 Steps model will boost your business by 5-6 figures a month.

Just listen to what some of our graduates have to say!

Led by the Owner & Founder/Managing Director of Loulabelles, Louise Finch has been responsible for helping entrepreneurs launch a wide range of successful body contouring businesses that have the potential to yield more than £10,000 a month, working only five hours a day, five days a week. With her passion & knowledge for non-surgical & non-invasive alternatives to surgery, Loulabelles technology was bespoke made to enable you to travel internationally, while working less and earning more…. So why be stuck in one place?

To find out how you can start your body contouring business, schedule your free call today with our very own boss babe of Loulabelles, Louise Finch.

Start the journey with Loulabelles

You can join thousands of students who are now specialists in body contouring using our Loulabelles secret techniques and technology.



About us

Loulabelles is a growing brand with over 8 years of experience where you will receive unlimited support. Here at Loulabelles, we are one of the UK’s leading specialists technicians and training providers in non-surgical non-invasive face/ body contouring treatments and we helped to support thousands of students on their journey, which has transformed their lives. 

Our fully comprehensive two training courses are held at Loulabelles academy classes, which contains a maximum of 6 students. Our two days of intense training ensure that the standard of teaching is of an exceptionally high meaning and you will leave our academy full of confidence in your body contouring treatments using bespoke Loulabelles technology.

For you to learn at Loulabelles in non-surgical procedures does not require any previous qualifications and the results from this non-invasive, non-surgical body contouring have been directly compared to surgery

 Loulabelles non-surgical body contouring procedures is the alternative to surgery with no side effects, no risks and minimal downtime. You can see in our gallery of before and after photos, why our Loulabelles technology and techniques have taken the world by storm.

Schedule your free call to find out how you can boss your own body contouring today!

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Why train with Loulabelles?

Our training Academy is based in Meopham, Kent, UK 

We are based in the beautiful surroundings of the Kent countryside and offer a professional and friendly environment with our educators who have many years of experience in the field of non-surgical treatments.  

Our academy has an amazing very retro-chic twist that contains industrial natural warm fresh vibes, accompanied by the highest standards for training and education. Loulabelles is invested in their clients even to beyond the point of sales and as an advocate for this safe, effective treatment, they look forward to sharing success and empowering aspiring female entrepreneurs, so that they can create a living for themselves. 

We have so much passion for non-surgical body contouring and are so proud to see our graduates bossing their own businesses. 

If you have any questions with regards to what support you will receive, aims or objectives, before you embark on a course, we would be more than happy to discuss this with you so that we can be sure that you do the right course for you. 

Celebs that have had Loulabelles treatments

Start the journey with Loulabelles

You can join thousands of students who are now specialists in body contouring using our Loulabelles secret techniques and technology.

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